The CubyKing is a revolutionary machine that sets new standards within the ice production industry. Its patented method of producing frozen flat bag cubes is highly innovative and reduces energy consumption during the production. The unique flat bag format of the frozen cubes saves up to 40% in volume compared to current production methods, resulting in key advantages in the whole supply chain.

Flat bag ice offers you up to 40% space savings versus a regular bag of frozen ice cubes.

The CubyKing creates value for you and your customers. It is our goal to help you produce ice in a more energy efficient way!
Provable CO2 reduction
and efficiency improvement
in your production process
and logistic chain
How much would
your turnover rise, if
there fits 40% more
of your product
the same shelf in the
How many CO2
could you reduce, if
you need 40% less
trucking movements

to move the same
amount of ice?